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A mask of gold hides all deformities

Thomas Decker

I have a shiny face….there’s no getting away from it, I glow. In fact I reckon you could almost see your own reflection in my nose by lunchtime on any given day. Don’t panic I don’t usually walk around like a big glowing reflective alien, I use very lovely life-saving products to calm down the oil slick that is my face. I love a good face mask. I find they really help boost my skin regime and there’s something quite lovely about taking 10 minutes out to apply and relax. I used one every 2 weeks religiously in the run up to my wedding and I swear they helped clear up my stupid oily skin. So we’ve tested out some of the high streets best for different skin types to help you choose the right face mask for you and if nothing else, you get to laugh at me looking look a ghostly idiot (we’re kind like that here at Golden Garter)

First up I tried out…

Neal’s Yard White Tea Enriching facial mask

Promises, promises

This mask contains¬†with rejuvenating frankincense, anti-aging white tea and purifying kaolin and promises to “restore vital moisture levels, plump the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines.”

Get it on

The texture is smooth and fine (no ugly lumpy bits) so it’s goes on easily and drys but not to the extend where you can’t actually move your face (like Anne ‘botox’ Robinson). I smothered it all over my cleansed face (avoiding the eye and lip area) and left it on for about 8-10 minutes before rinsing it off with plenty of warm water.

The results

Being a clay type mask the White Tea Enriching facial mask doesn’t feel like it’s going to be very moisturising but it certainly doesn’t leave the skin feeling akin to an arid desert like many other clay masks. My skin is left feeling smooth but not tight and definitely less shiny and angry!


Dermalogica’s Sebum Clearing Masque

Promises, promises

So, Dermalogica say that this unpleasantly named ‘sebum clearing masque’ clears breakouts, minimises acne bacteria and calms irritation. With cooling, refining and deep-cleaning Kaolin and Bentonite clay¬† that purifies, absorbs excess surface oil and helps prevent breakouts.

Get it on

This product has a thinner texture to the others and so doesn’t have that gloopy feel to it, nor does it dry into an unbreakable mask! It tingles instantly and has that slightly refreshing medicated sensation, like mouthwash for the face! I used it in exactly the same way as the previous mask

The results

After using this masque once a week for three weeks I think it has made a huge difference to my angry skin. I love Dermalogica products. Some people are put of by the scientific brand image but the fact is their products work, or at least they do for me!

And finally…

Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior

Promises, promises

Lush claim that their cosmetic warrior wages war on spot prone skin, though they say the approach is much more gentle than the name suggests. Lush’s ethos suggest that harsh chemicals will inevitably cause any sort of skin, but especially difficult skin, to flare up and react, essentially making the situation worse. Their environmentally friendly approach to skin care is attractive to me as it is to many women searching for that elusive natural beauty.

Get it on

Okay, no joke, this stuff stinks! Really, it’s a unique and disgusting blend of pungent ingredients that may be skin friendly but are certainly no friend of the nasal cavities. The stench is provided courtesy of the antiseptic garlic and tea tree oil, white grape cools whilst kaolin has a deep cleansing effect and the wonderful honey not only softens and moisturises but also has incredible antimicrobial properties.

It’s sticky, thick, lumpy and dries like a death mask. It’s an unpleasant experience and definitely isn’t a mask for an indulgent chill out session, believe me, you will be timing your 10 minutes precisely and rushing off to the bathroom to get the stinky sludge off!

The results

Having said all of that. This is a fabulous little product. It’s the only mask I’ve tested you can really use as a one off product that produces an instant effect. It doesn’t sting or tingle or leave your skin feeling tight and dry. After a soak off in warm water my face feels smooth and supple and my pubescent pimples are reduced!

so get in your fave clean PJs, put on your guilty pleasure telly programme (Dr Who for me, though I don’t feel very guilty since Matt Smith is beautiful…mmmmm) slap on that face mask and put your feet up. Beauty awaits (after 10 minutes of looking like a scary swamp thing)

whilst prepping this post…

I listened to the fabulous Rumer (dreamy, relaxing vocals)

I read Pride and Promiscuity (naughty but nice)

I watched Clueless (total girl’s night in film)

Love and sludge

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